Kyivstar launched «eSMS + eMMS» service

Kyivstar GSM, leading GSM operator in Ukraine, launced «eSMS + eMMS» service which allows to send SMSes and MMSes from your PC using Proprietary software (available to download on its site). The main idea is to use HTTPS protocol between user's PC and operator's gateway for transferring SMS and MMS data. The technical solution was provided by Comverse Inc, well known company that offers wide range of Value Added Services.
I've tried the service and found it not very good. Some messages weren't delivered (error displayed in delivery status window), software looks ugly, future tariffs will be the same as for sending via mobile. Oh, I forgot to say the most interesting thing - service is free for 1 month (the limits were setted as 1500 SMSes and 50 MMSes) :) Starting from December 10, 2007 sending will be charged according to tariff plan. But what is the reason for subscriber to use such service if the price is equal?? Why not to set prices less than "normal" ones? Of course, Kyivstar has tariffs that are higher than competitor's, so "eSMS+eMMS" won't be exclusion :)
Link to the this news on Kyivstar's site