GSM over DSL

Have you ever imagined that GSM voice/data traffic will be carried via xDSL lines? I'm sure that you haven't. But let's take a look on the prweb article, where latest GSM Association's 2008 Global Mobile Award for "Best Network Quality Initiative." is discussed. There you can find RAD Data Communications with it's LA-130 DSL cell-site gateway.
What does this mean for all GSM operators? This means that today they have a choice to reduce costs while building the most expensive part - radio network. What we have till now? Radio relays between cells, CDMA-based solutions, fiber optic.. Now it's possible to use low-cost xDSL lines between sites to handle voice and data traffic.
Actually, I'm in doubt if the xDSL capable to provide necessary quality for voice traffic. But GSMA aren't giving awards to everybody :) So I think that all requirements were met.