New dialing rules in Ukraine

Ukraine is about to change dialing rules for mobile and fixed networks. Such activity is step 2 in "Program of transition to next-generation numbering plan" (text in Ukrainian is available here)

At the first step, which was done during 3-18 of February 2009, emergency short numbers were changed. Numbers like 01, 02, 03, 04 were used for emergency services in Soviet union and later in independent Ukraine. On February 2009 they were replaced with 101, 102, 103, 104 and so on. This was done in order not to have "0" as first digit in any number.
Next step, which is planned on 14th of October 00:00 by Kyiv (Kiev) time (EEST, GMT+2), contains several tasks, explained below:

1. Changing format of national destination zones from 0XX to XX. Actually, this is formal task, because 0XX codes were used only by humans and not by equipment. Here I should explain further. Soviet union's fixed network used 3 digits codes. International numbers in this case were like +7XXX. Hopefully, all Ukrainian zones got their codes with heading 0 - like 0XX. After Ukraine became independent and got it's own country code (CC) - 380, it was decided to keep first digit of zone code as last digit of country code. For example, international code of Kyiv is 38044, where 380 is country code and 44 national destination code (NDC). But for a long time people treated 044 as NDC of Kyiv. The same was with others cities. So formally all zones already have only 2 digits, but in human's habit 3 digits were used.
Here I suppose, that probably some network elements are using 3 digits also. But as I explained already, formally this was wrong.

2. Changing national dialing prefix from "8" to "0".
Again, some explanation is required here. Since people used to treat zone code as 3 digits (0XX), national dialing prefix was "8". But as I explained before, all zones had 2 digits (XX), so formally prefix was "80".
To understand this, please review an example. Imagine that you want to dial Kyiv's number YYY-YY-YY from another city. For this you had to dial "8" as national dialing prefix, then NDC of Kyiv (which is formally 44, but people continued to use 044) and then subscriber's number. So whole dial looks like:
Since correct NDC of Kyiv was (and continue to be) "44", national dialing prefix formally was "80":

So actually, on this step national dialing prefix changing from "80" to "0".

3. Changing international dialing prefix from "10" to "00".
Previously, in order to call abroad, "8-10" prefix was used, where "8" - national dialing prefix.

4. Implementing of new zone code for Kyiv's region - "45".
At the moment Kyiv city and Kyiv region are using the same zone code - "44". On second step of transition, Kyiv's region will get it's own zone code. This means that all region's codes should be changed also.

About the country.
Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe with population of 46.2 millions of people. Fixed phone service is mainly offered by state-owned company - Ukrtelecom, which also has 3G UMTS license and offers mobile services using Utel trademark. Mobile networks are mostly 2.5G, but 3G UMTS and WCDMA are also present.