IPv6 ready

Are you ready? Are you IPv6 ready? Or didn't ever hear about it? If so, then I don't understand how you found my blog :)
Just few weeks ago I wrote an article how to disable IPv6. Since that time I realized that IPv6 is closer then I was thinking about it. I even decided to start new blog - IPv6 in Ukrainian, which contains a lot of information about IPv6, it's history, advantages, transition mechanism, etc. And all this information in Ukrainian. You may say - "so what? all this information is available in English. Why to translate it?". I'm agree with you. Also, reading technical articles, books and other materials is a good way to improve English (at least reading and writing skills). But at the same time, there is a problem with huge amount of this information. And this problem becomes tragedy if have to use English/Russian dictionary to read any document. This means that you can't read first part of the document and decide whether to continue reading or not. All this result in hours and hours of useless reading. Trust me - I know how it's to read hundreds of RFCs, books, articles about IPv6 and then put this information in one document.

So I hope my new blog will help IPv6-beginners to make first step into interesting world of Next Generation Internet. Step, that will move forward Ukraine into international community of IPv6 designers and programmers.

BTW, I'd like to recommend you IPv6 certification program. It requires working IPv6 connection. But you're IPv6-ready, aren't you?

IPv6 Certification Badge for bu4man