My septel decoder is now obsolete

Just half an year ago I wrote my septel decoder - small tool that converts septel log files into .pcap format, which is supported by Wireshark. This tool was so helpful, so one of the cell operators decided to use it for SS7-troubleshooting on services, that I deployed for them. But let's back to the subject. Few days ago I read on Dialogic forum that "latest Dialogic SS7 DPK, s7_log can natively generate PCAP file". Wow, so now there are no needs to convert any files. All you need is to add new option while running s7_log: -p. And that's all - pcap file will appear in log directory. All you need now - download it and open with Wireshark. As for me Wireshark is more usable then other types of analyzers I used (Tektronix, NetTest). Of course, it's true only for MAP/CAMEL (and probably ISUP) decoding. If INAP should be analysed, then no chance-proprietary software should be used (but as for me it's still a kind of mystery - why not to add Ericsson CS1+ to Wireshark?).
Anyway, I'm quite happy that Dialogic added this functionality to the latest release of septel stack. Telecom software should be much closer to humans and this step of Dialogic shows that in 10-15 years even child will be able to create IN service :)